Portland Street Medics

We embrace both of the traditions of Conventional medicine AND Complementary, Alternative Natural medicine.

We make an effort to apply the best practices of both, and to provide those who are in our care with an informed choice of treatment options.
Who we are:
We are a group of Street Medics in Portland, OR that works to provide the following in a safe and positive environment:

1. A resource for Street Medics including trainings, documentation and books, web links, supply stores, etc.
2. A network for Street Medics, not only locally, but regionally, nationally, and internationally.
3. A central connection point for organizations to contact Street Medics and allies.
4. A way for those people who are not Street Medics to be allies.

We are especially interested in connecting with people who would like to share skills relevant to Street Medic work.

Please click here for our statement of values.

For more information, check back here periodically.

We can be contacted via email at portlandmedics@lists.riseup.net

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